Low Impact Fitness Workout

It is imperative that we work out our exercise system. Without a strong cardio system the results could be fatal. A string fitness system will help top reduce the chances of a heart attack as well as other such cardio related diseases. A strong cardio system will give us stamina to complete or carry out other activities and exercises.

The cardio workout sessions are most recommended for every one as a good heart will result in a healthy body. This means that if the cardio system is strong then it is easy to complete or carry out any exercise with easy. Cardio exercises can be high impact or low impact. The two types of exercises differ in terms of the equipment used the method of exercise and the risk of the exercise.

The high impact exercises are not recommended for beginners or for people who are experiencing heart problems already. The low impact exercises are ideal for people who are rehabilitating from injuries, people who are over weight, pregnant women, and people over the age of 50 and generally the people who cannot take the intensity of the high impact exercises. The low impact exercises are easy to perform and do not require a specialized equipment or training. They can be easily done at home. There are many low impact exercises that are available to do at home. Below listed are some of the most common low impact exercises:

Walking is a healthy exercise that can be easily done. Add movements of arms and hips to walking that help in producing better results. Jogging helps in reducing calories as well as strengthens the cardio system.

Start with a light walk and then shift to jog. Make sure that you are carrying towel with you to wipe of the sweat. The sweat should not be allowed to settle in the body as it will result in formation of mucus around the lungs.

Control your breathing pattern when walking or jogging. Jogging on a treadmill is considered better than jogging on plain grounds. This is because of the treadmill absorbs the impact of the run and helps in protecting the joints.

Also the treadmill will help to maintain a constant speed while running given the balance and support that you require. Skipping is another low impact cardio exercises that also helps to develop rhythm and co ordination.