Jack LaLanne the “Godfather of Fitness” Didn’t Run Marathons

The god father of training Jack LaLanne never talked about running long distance or running marathons; never talked about a 400lb bench press, he trained with light weights and 1,000’s of calisthenics and did tons of swimming and accomplished amazing feats.

According to today’s experts, training with high reps only build endurance, also can’t figure out as soon as someone picks up a weight it is considered strength training, no matter how much weight they are using.

But according to the experts and today’s standard you would think that the only weights that your body responds to is a barbell or a kettlebell, the thought high rep bodyweight training is somehow inferior, that it’s only useful when done with low rep training like in power lifting.

But Jack LaLanne could do thousands of calisthenics, swim miles in open water. LaLanne trained until fatigue, until he could no longer do another rep.

No one questioned Jack LaLanne with his results, but experts and no nothings will question others who train the same brutal way.

Never heard about Jack LaLanne complaining about wearing out, never heard stories of extensive injuries, only theories of people trying to push their training theories.

The problem is people spend more time resting in a training session then actually working. We have been taught we need to spend a lot of time between sets recovering so we can get the next number of reps.

The fit elite don’t spend more time at rest then they do training, this is why most people are all about the same level when it comes to their fitness level. You train like everyone else; they will be the results you will get.

High rep calisthenics are tough to do, they will mentally and physically try and beat you down. To get to a great level of fitness you always have to push past yourself imposed limits.

Most people let others decide what they are capable of; I look to the elite fit. I look to the men that have pushed passed their self imposed limits and have given others the opportunity to believe it can be done.

The body is made to move, no one sets the limits of what you and your body can do, only your mind and what you believe can be done and what you are willing to attempt that will determine how far you go.

Look to people that have already been where you want to go!