Improve Running Times by Correcting Your Posture!

As warm weather approaches, more and more “harriers” are out running the roadways. In competitive running, more and more runners are looking for that edge, and many have sought chiropractic care to improve their biomechanics. The body is a complex machine made of muscles, nerves and bones, that work together to form orchestrated movements. Unfortunately, like an appliance, sometimes it can breakdown. Most people have abnormal spinal structure, and lack of proper curves in the side of the spine, that causes discs and ligaments to wear out prematurely. These spinal misalignments are known as subluxations. By contributing to improper biomechanics, excess energy is wasted, and the body is more prone to become fatigued and injured.

Choosing a Chiropractor that focuses on Clinical Biomechanics of Posture (CBP), a technique that specializes in the structural correction of the spine is highly recommended. This chiropractic technique of choice utilizes an approach to health that is supported by an impressive body of research. Our first priority is to ease your pain, but our main goal is to restore your spine as closely as possible to its normal alignment, which benefits the entire body. Much like a car, your body rides on your spinal “axle.” If a car’s axle is bent or damaged, its tires will spin improperly, further damaging the car-just as a spinal injury or misalignment can be magnified throughout the body. Peer-reviewed medical studies have established a strong link between the loss or lack of normal spine alignment and a variety of musculoskeletal and nerve-related conditions. Our commitment to spinal health means that we’ll go beyond alleviating your symptoms to address their true causes. Pain that travels down your left arm may indicate a heart problem. Severe migraines may signal a problem with blood flow, or perhaps high blood pressure. Pain medications would simply mask such problems, but we attempt to identify and treat them where they begin.

Viewed from the side, the spine is comprised of four natural curves. The loss of normal spinal curvature can provoke a variety of neck and back conditions. In addition, spinal nerves issue from each level of the spine to every muscle and organ. Thus nerve function is likely to be impaired if the spine is misaligned. Unfortunately, the body does not always send warning signals of such damage until it becomes extreme.

Since we concentrate on structural correction of the spine, we naturally focus on posture, which we consider to be the “window to the spine.” Most people are surprised and shocked to learn that years of poor posture in simple daily habits-such as hunching over a desk or computer, sagging forward while driving a car, or holding a child-cause shifts in the spine that can lead to debilitating conditions including disc-related problems, headaches, and even digestive problems. Shifts in the spine are also the fundamental causes of spinal degeneration, osteoarthritis, muscular tension and imbalance, and joint deterioration.

In addition, improper spinal biomechanics may cause problems in the hips, knees, and feet. Because the foundation of the spine begins with the feet, improper spinal structure can contribute to fallen arches, and discrepancies in foot pronation and supination. Harmful shifts in the spine can put more weight on one side of the body, triggering a chain reaction of spinal, hip, knee, and foot issues. The body will then compensate for the excess weight, thereby contributing more to subluxations and abnormal foot posture.

Chiropractors who focus on postural correction correct spinal structure, which helps runners improve their times and increase their energy. In addition to spinal correction, many of these chiropractors offer the latest technology in foot orthotics for the novice and serious runner. These contribute to a healthier gait and heel strike. Using the proper corrective spinal protocols, your running time is sure to improve-down that is!