How to Use 3 New Seduction Tricks to Attract Women Anywhere

Before you wallow in your own insecurities, you have to understand one crucial TRUTH that will increase your seduction game ten-fold… women have their own set of insecurities that they keep under wraps.

This is the reason why most girls would bust an unassuming wimp’s ego, or pull the plug on an interaction that seems to be going somewhere. Because women know they have their own fragile egos to protect, they try to assume the position of power whenever a guy acts like a needy follower around them.

So, now that you know all these, what can you do to be the leader instead of a follower to a girl you just met? Here are some suggestions.

Make Any Girl Prove Herself To You – Using Three Stunning Tricks that Make You Unstoppable With Women

Trick #1: “Breathe life back to a dreary party”. Be the perfect showman by leading a whole group of people in a party. You can start a dancing session, or you can simply entertain people around you with your jokes or just by being your old funny self. If you have people around that adore your personality, the women will start looking at you in a different light. They will start thinking of ways to get closer to you so they can monopolize your attention. You become the prize that any woman in the vicinity wants to win.

Trick #2: “The edgy gentleman”. You’ve seen them around. There are some guys who can be very civil to women but still maintain that edgy vibe around them. These are guys who can be frank about things without being too arrogant that people cannot stand them. They can charm women, but these women are constantly aware of his irreverent and roguish nature. Create the reputation of being a no-nonsense guy and you will elicit this exact reaction from women. Needless to say, this type of guys always get laid.

Trick #3: “Hypnosis”. This trick is only for those who dare stay ahead of the pack in terms of getting women’s attention. Fractionation is a method developed using hypnosis and psychology tactics. Simply put, it will turn any guy into a babe magnet by making women feel emotional enough to want to sleep with him. This strategy will open up a secret ‘shortcut’ to a woman’s heart like no other method can.