How to Use 3 Dirty Seduction Tricks on Women – And Make Them Obey Your Orders EVERY Time!

Imagine holding the power in the palm of your hands to make all of the girls that you like miss you like crazy and follow all of your orders whenever you want them to. Sounds great, right? Many guys seem to think that this is only a dream they will never reach due to a lack of funds and good looks, but this is not true.

With several seduction tactics taken from the studies of the female mind, you can get girls to follow all of your orders without you forcing them to. Keep reading if you want to find out the easiest tactics out there on how to get girls to fulfill all of your wishes all day long.

How To Get Girls To Follow All Of Your Orders Whenever You Want Them To

Tactic #1: Build up suspense. One great way to get girls to follow all of your orders would be by building suspense. Since girls love drama and suspense, you should really offer it up to them as often as possible. By building up more hype and suspense, more girls will find you more attractive and flock to your side like vultures to a carcass.

Tactic #2: Maintain her confusion. Girls should never feel at ease when you are around. What you have to do is make girls realize how much work is actually involved at keeping your attention on them. If you do not do this, you are sure to lose their interest in you in practically no time at all.

See, if girls have difficulties finding out what you want from them, their interest in you will peak and stay on you for much longer. This is why you have to make things hard for girls and try to get them to want to understand you. If they already understand you and your intentions fully, your game would be over in a heartbeat.

Tactic #3: Practice some psychology. If you use psychology effectively, you can get a girl to become more vulnerable when it comes to your charms. One way to do this would be by getting into a girl’s mind and manipulate her into becoming addicted to you on an emotional level.

Happiness is not the only thing that girls want from guys; you need to remember that. Girls also want some emotional drama – whether they know it or not – since their lives are pretty uneventful and boring, especially if compared to the soap operas that they watch. By giving this kind of drama to girls, you will become irresistible in their eyes.

It is actually fairly simple to get into the minds of girls and manipulate their thoughts to find you attractive. You simply have to use a basic two-step formula to get girls – even the most gorgeous ones out there – to submit fully to your charms. The best thing about it is that you can succeed with it, regardless of your previous attraction and seduction expertise.