How to Train a Horse to Ride in Different Ways

Training a horse is very exciting and challenging at the same time. When you care for a horse or are enthused about it, the best part is always riding. Riding is practically the finale in horse training. After teaching the horse to walk, paw, bow and lunge, it’s time to make him mobile and ride with him. However in some cases, horses are just really used for traveling, so riding may also come first. How to train a horse to ride will just take 3 basic steps: go, steer and stop.

First you get on the horse and make sure he is used to the weight and wearing a bridle and a saddle with stirrups. Climb up the horse always from the left side, and use a stepping stool if you’re too short for it so as not to put so much weight on the horse. To go, squeeze the horses body with you legs a bit or pat him with the lead rope or a small whip. To steer, pull the rope on the side from which direction you wish to go to, and just pull the rope back if you want to stop.

Now you must train the horse to ride in different ways: to walk, to trot and to canter. For the horse to walk, the cue ‘go’ is somehow enough. Trotting is the way a horse moves usually when attached to the carriage, that’s like jogging for humans. How to train a horse to ride or trot will only take asking the horse to speed up a bit. Just slam the handler’s rope a bit or whipping the horse’s hip.

To teach him how to canter (running for horses) do the same procedure but with more force. Cue words like ‘Hiya!’ will help. Just remember the rope that you hold on to while riding is your steering wheel and accelerator. If you learn to control the horse with it then there won’t be a problem. Learning how to train the horse to ride will be fun and easy for you.