How to Get My Ex to Talk to Me Again – These 4 Tricks Work Wonders and Will Pull Your Ex Back Fast!

Is your ex sulking? Or is he/she giving you the cold shoulder? It is only natural that your ex would want to stay away from you after the breakup. If you have gotten over the pain and hurt faster than your ex, then it is time you realized that you need to give your ex some time to get over it too. A little more patience and perception will help in this situation. Perhaps the following tricks will help.
Act like its ok.
Showing your ex that you are hurting and baring your heart will not do you any good. Most probably your ex is enjoying hurting you by ignoring your calls because he/she wants to get back at you. Put an end to your calls and messages. Pretend that you are doing your best to get over him/her. This sudden silence will cause your ex to wonder about you. This is a sure way to grab his/her attention.
Paint the town red.
Concentrate on looking hot and exciting. You can change your looks for the better without going overboard. Get involved in activities and sports that would impress your ex. If your ex sees you participate in activities he/she couldn’t get you interested in before, he/she is going to be pleasantly surprised at the change.
Leave the choice to your ex.
If you do send your ex a message once in a while, you can do so without making him/her feel that he/she has to reply to it. This way, the ball in his/her court and whether your ex likes it or not, he/she will feel bound to reply!
Bide your time.
A right word at the right time will help things along. Don’t lose an opportunity to talk things over. If you play your cards right and stop pressurizing your ex, it is more than probable that he/she is going to miss you and remember the good parts of your relationship. Wait for the right time to make your move.