How to Get in Shape, Lose Weight, and Burn FAT, I Can Help!

The style of full body high intensity strength training is not just for men, but for women to. This style of strength training is a sure way to lose fat, build muscle, and leave you toned. Based on your goals you can build more muscle, lose more fat, or get the right body for you; but that is a completely different topic.

The way the HIT (High intensity training) workout program is designed to give you a full body workout in about twenty minutes, three to four days per week. The trick is to do your entire workout without rest between sets to keep the heart rate elevated so that you are burning calories and at the same time, building muscle. And building muscle is the key because muscle will burn fat naturally thought the day. Here is how the workout should be structured, from the largest muscles in the body, to the smallest.

1>Leg press
2>Squat Press
3>Leg Curl
4>Leg Extension
5> Calf Raise
6> Lat Pull Down
7> Chest Press
8> Iso-Row
9> Dips
10> Pec-Fly
11> Shoulder Press
12> Tricep Push down
13> Bicep Curl
14> Abs
15> Low Back

*(note)- You are only doing one set to failure. This means that you should be doing enough weight to do 12 reps, if you can do 12 reps, increase the weight 2.5{629041bc9a6ff041fc0b7c543548a1c0f13f59ea1b47b2bc21e5d68d30575962}. If you cant do 8 reps decrease the weight so that you can from 8-12 reps.Each rep should be done in a slow and controlled manner (2-4). This means that it should take you two seconds to raise the weight, and four seconds to lower the weight.

If you are a smoker as well, you may find it difficult to workout. There is alternative to smoking that may help. Find more resources by clicking onto my blog below.