How to Get Broad Shoulders – 4 Workout Tips to Build Big Broad Shoulders

Have you ever worn an extra couple of t-shirts beneath your shirt just to pad yourself out a little and hide your pointy, boney shoulders? I know I have… man, I used to hate the way that clothes would just hang off me as if I was a human coat hanger.

For most skinny guys, one of the most annoying and difficult areas to add muscle mass is the shoulders. The good news is that by focusing on certain exercises and training methods you will know how to get broad shoulders quickly, giving you a better posture and more imposing silhouette.

Remember that the key of how to get broad shoulders is not only to focus on the shoulder muscles themselves but the surrounding muscles that widen your back and give you broader shoulders.

Incorporate Overhead Presses Into Your Workouts

The overhead lifts such as the Shoulder Press, Arnold Press and Behind the Neck Press, are the best weight training exercises to get big wide shoulders. They allow you to lift a lot of weight too and this is great for building muscle mass quickly.

These exercises are not only great for all 3 parts of the deltoid muscles (shoulders), but will significantly increase the size and breadth of your trapezius, chest, lats, and back muscles.

Work Your Lats For A Wider Back and Shoulders

As mentioned above, working your lats (the wing-shaped muscles on either side of your back) will help you in your quest of how to get broad shoulders, as they will increase the width of your back and give you the classic V-shaped torso that turns heads.

To work your lats, perform lat pulldowns with heavy weights, and / or chin ups.

Start Swimming Regularly

When we think of big wide shoulders we almost instantly think of swimmers, right? These guys know how to get big broad shoulders and a great V-shaped body, so taking a leaf out of their book is a smart thing to do.

For this reason you should make swimming a regular part of your fitness workouts, and aim to better your last performance each time you step in the pool. Mix up your strokes so that you get better overall muscular development.

Perform Push-ups

My personal favourite the good old push-up doesn’t get much press coverage but it is deadly effective when employed regularly.

The secret to success of how to get broad shoulders with push-ups is starting small and building momentum. By gradually increasing the numbers that you do and keeping your training regular you’ll be amazed at how quickly you develop muscle mass and get big broad shoulders.