How to Get a Guy to Be Alone With You! These Tips Will Make the Whole Process Super Easy For You

In a crowd, there’s always that one person that will stand out. But how can one get through the sea of faces, catch his attention and eventually convince him to spend time together, alone?

Like women, men need to spend time for themselves and with his friends. Many conflicts in relationships are caused by men spending so much time with their friends. Women are of no exception to this but usually, it’s the latter who know how to adjust with her schedule and give more priority to her man/ admired guy.

These pieces of advice here are some of the things that a girl can apply to make her guy spend valuable time alone with her:

Go to a private place
Eradicating the stimuli can be as easy as this one. Find a place that is serene and free from distractions, in that way his focus will only on you.

Possess congeniality, humor, and knowledge
These three characteristics are the things that will keep him interested in you. And when he does, it won’t be much an effort to keep him glued on to you.

Do not demand time, request for it
Naturally, if a guy is really into you, splurging his time on you is never a thing to ask for. But if he’s quite preoccupied, you can politely request for a space during his busy life where the two of you can talk sensibly about things.

Managing your time and resources well can help you get your guy alone with you. Spend time during working hours if you don’t want your parents to disturb you; or reserve an hour or two to have an alone time with him may it be during your lunch breaks, after work or just hanging out on the park for some catching up.

Initiate and compromise
If he is not able to come to you during the day, make the effort of going to him instead if you are not busy as well.

Engage in activities that you can do alone together
Like hiking, jogging, playing sports, going to a spa, etc. Choose activities that he will enjoy doing as well. You will observe that as you get to spend time doing these things together, you also get to know your guy deeper.

Seduce him
Desperate times call for desperate measures. Guys can’t resist this entrapment since sex and everything that’s sensual is what usually preoccupies them. Use it efficiently and without a doubt, you can keep your guy alone to yourself.