How to Fix a Turtling Penis – and Make it Longer in the Process

Many men are plagued by turtling and it really causes substantial embarrassment. Turtling is also known as shrinkage in the United States. A shrinking penis can be caused by many things, and there are quite a few solutions to combating this problem. Often times, turtling is caused by decreased blood flow to the penis. This decrease in blood flood is a result of poor cardio-vascular health as a result of lack of exercise. When your lungs function poorly they supply oxygen to your vital organs first and your penis later. To get more blood to your member, and allow it to live a healthy life, do some running or jogging three times a week.

Shrinkage can also be caused by certain medications. And these medications can potentially cause erection difficulties and problems with ejaculation. So you should absolutely question your doctor about the side effects of any medication you may be currently taking. Interestingly, a substance that you ingest everyday may also make your penis decrease in size. And that substance is caffeine.

So you may want to cut back on those gnarly energy drinks. Perhaps the most common of all shrinkage culprits is cold conditions. This type of shrinkage should not cause alarm as it happens to everyone. What should cause alarm, however, is if your penis takes an unusually large amount of time to snap out of cold weather shrinking. The inability to bounce back to a normal size usually means poor health, and should be investigated immediately.