Green Lipped Mussel Brands Comparison and Review

If you have spent any time searching for green lipped mussel brands you will be aware that there are many choices and many brands available in health food stores, drug stores, online and even in your larger department store’s pharmaceutical department. You may also be aware that the value of the brands is as varied as the brands themselves.

The ever increasing amount of options for finding the best product makes choosing one a little confusing. green lipped mussel brands offer a nutritional supplement that is the tissue of the Perna Canaliculus which is found in New Zealand. The tissue is freeze-dried and packaged as a powder, oil or extract. Health benefits from using this supplement are mainly for those conditions that are either caused by excessive inflammation or where the inflammation accelerates the disease.

Certainly all brands that produce this product use green lipped mussels as the ingredient but there are some differences that you need to take into consideration when making your purchase. Each brand will have a different price range but it does not mean that the highest pricing will be the best product choice for you.

The following are a few key factors to take into consideration when making your brand choice.

Reliability of the Manufacturer

Choice of brand should be one that is well known for its reliability. Green lipped mussel brands can be found all over the world. The reputation of the manufacturer is important to the quality of the product. A brand that has been around for a long time will have a proven record of reliability. To find information it is easy to research any brand online or you can consult your physician. It always helps to read product reviews as well.

Processing time and Ingredients

The amount of time it takes from harvesting to freeze drying or processing the better the product and the more of its nutritional value will be preserved. Some brands will include other ingredients along with the mussel tissues that have been extracted. In oils especially, grape seed or other fish oils are added or other related ingredients. Obviously, the more added ingredients in a product the less potent the benefits of the mussels will be.

Servings per Bottle and Daily Dosage

Servings per bottle and dosage are also a varying factor between brands. The price of the product may be lower because there are fewer capsules or the dosage requirement is very high.

Milligram Size of Each Capsule

Read the ingredients and the label. The milligrams per capsule will also vary with different brands. It is important to check with your physician and see how much product you should be taking on a daily basis. The ingredients label should indicate the amount of calories, vitamins, iron, sodium, etc. but should also indicate that it contains at least 40 percent of the daily requirement of essential amino acids and at least 8 percent of omega 3 fatty acids based on the daily serving size.

After comparing green lipped mussel brands the conclusion was that the highest priced options were not the best. The recommendation made here is based on all of the criteria described in this review.