Get Rid of Tummy Fat – Top 5 Excess Fats Remover Tricks

For so many years, you have had wanted to get rid of tummy fat. Who else could have wanted it? No one in this world, that’s for sure.

Here comes the cycle of weight loss and gain: When you weighed yourself, you were happy you lost 5 pounds. Then Christmas came, parties and gatherings anywhere, you ate whatever you want, you indulged yourself into sweets and drank lots of soft drinks. You had drinking session with friends consuming 5 bottles of beer… You then felt sleepy, you slept and the next thing you know, you felt so heavy. You attended another party; you did the same thing all over again. You weighed again after a month, and you were shocked that you gained 6 pounds. You looked yourself in the mirror, you were not fat to look at and when you raised your shirt up, you have that flabby little tummy. When you sat down, there came 3 layers of tummy fat, 1,2,3… and then you fit your dress for another party, it just became too tight. Another cycle will tell you, if you eat as many calories equal to the amount you burn, your body weight will remain the same. If you take more calories than what your body can burn, you will gain weight. If you take less calories than what your body burn, you will lose weight.

As the saying goes, “Too much of something is bad”. Most often, people don’t care about what they eat. They feed themselves so much without knowing how much calories, fats and sugar they are putting into their body. Some people are lucky to be blessed with a beautiful body, that even overeating, it makes no changes. However, almost all people are getting problems on their tummy fat including you. You are conscious wearing body fit tops and would want to cover them up with their bags. You often choose stretchable clothes to fit in your body and to cover those unhealthy fats. Sometimes, you do not feel like going out, you get insecure and depress at the same time. Now you are having problems dealing with it, whose fault is this? Your eating habits or your personal cravings? What do you want to do, put the blame on yourself or do something to get rid of tummy fat?

1) Reduce the amount of calories you consume

Calorie is a measure of energy release by food. Counting the calories when you eat is very important to do so that you are aware how much calories (greater or equal) to be burned. How to burn such calories may include:

  • Running (jogging)
  • Tread milling
  • Aerobics
  • Swimming
  • Walking

2) Lessen beer drinking

Beer belly is what we need to avoid here. However, it cannot be denied that there are number of reasons why beer is bad for the body and health:

  • There’s high caloric content.
  • It can cause fatty liver
  • It can cause you to bloat like a balloon when drinking is done almost every day.

3) Avoid consuming sweets

Foods with so much sugar content are to be prevented. Sugar found in cakes and chocolates are the number one and most wanted food for everyone. It is also to be noted that the sugar found in junk foods and soda burns quickly, unlike those sugars found in fruits and vegetables, which burn more slowly.

As such, if your body is processing sugar for energy use, but you’re not using your body to burn, those sugars will be converted into fats which make up your tummy fat.

4) Go out for a gym

A lot of people have proven effective that going to gym is a real help for losing weight. However, the need to lose tummy fat is under the abs program. Together with that, you need to work out with your back, shoulders, and arms. This is not done once only, months of work out will help you successfully in losing weight and help you change the appearance of your tummy.

5) Daily exercise and walking

This is very simple to do and effectively helps you to lose weight and get rid of your tummy fat. This is best done early morning. However, we can also apply walking even going on vacation. Consider walking as an exercise. When you are in a vacation, you eat lots of food, after eating, you go shopping and walk around a huge mall. That will help you burn fats and calories and eventually decrease fat in your tummy.

Often times, eating becomes a compensation over stress and depression. It becomes pleasure and luxury to the majority. However, too much of everything is bad; this is very true because it is the same as saying, when you eat more than what your body requires, you will gain weight, you will not be physically fit, and blood pressure will increase thereby increasing risk of heart disease. When you get depress and insecure of your body, no one is to blame except you and your personal craving. Eating is not a sin; you can eat and treat yourself, but do not make it as a habit that you go beyond normal. So starting today, when you feel you are getting fatter each day, go over the ways to get rid of tummy fat and work hard to burn it. Losing weight is a choice, when you want to gain weight, eat more, when you want to lose weight, eat less.