Gemini Twins Card Trick

The Gemini Twins card trick is a classic card trick that is completely self-working (i.e. no sleights) and yet still looks great and amazing. It always gets a good reaction from your spectator.

Card Trick Performance

You select two prediction cards. Your spectator then has you stop in two separate places, and you put a prediction card face up in each spot to mark it. You then reveal each pair (marked by the prediction cards). In each pair, the two cards match each other.

Card Trick Secret

Take prediction cards that are pairs of the top and bottom cards of the deck (i.e. 4 of hearts on top so you take the 4 of diamonds, 8 of clubs on bottom so you take the 8 of spades). Deal cards one at a time off the top of the deck until your spectator calls stop. Put the card that matched the bottom of the deck face-up to mark the spot (8 of spades in our example). Then put the rest of the deck on top of it, already completing the pair (since the 8 of clubs is on the bottom). Then deal cards off the top in a similar manner, marking the spot with the other card (4 of diamonds). Put the rest of the deck on top of it (makes a pair with the 4 of hearts). That’s it! All you have to do is pull out each pair (a pair consists of your prediction card and the card directly on top of it) and each will magically match.

This is a great, almost two-for-one card trick. Have fun.