Gain Weight Now – Weight Gain Tips For People With High Metabolism!

Your body’s metabolism determines how quickly the calories you take in are burnt within your body. During this process all the nutrients within the food are released and consumed by the body. Every person has their own metabolic rate.

Weight Gain

A high metabolic rate means the body burns up food faster and releases them as energy. This prevents the build up of fat in the body and hinders weight gain. So people who wish to gain weight must work towards lowering their metabolism. They need to put in some extra effort to gain those extra pounds.

Given below are a few pointers to help you gain those required pounds.

Nutrition:  The first step is to analyse your calorific intake in a day. Try to increase this amount by 200 to 300. Keep doing this for a few weeks and check whether there is any increase in your weight. Do ensure that you eat healthy food. No junk or processed foods. Incorporate complex carbohydrates and proteins in your diet. Always remember to be consistent with your diet.

Exercise: Join a gym. Working out with weights is the best way to gaining muscle mass and getting the best physique.

Cardio: Cardio exercises reduce the body’s recovery time from injuries. These exercises include running, cycling, hiking, swimming and even kick boxing. Perform cardio exercises of low intensity as doing a lot of cardio is likely to boost your metabolic rate. They improve blood circulation and raise your core temperature. They also boost your endurance levels.

Supplements: Multi mineral and multi vitamin tablets can also be included as part of your diet.