Female Orgasm Enhancement Supplement – The Best Choice You Can Ever Make

Female sexual dysfunction is one of the latest discoveries of medical science. The female sexual dysfunction is actually targets the ability of women to reach orgasm during sexual intercourse and makes it difficult to have a healthy sex life. Low women’s libido is one of the key disorders of this dysfunction. The female sexual dysfunction is said to be spreading like in every corner in the world. There are about forty million women in just United States of America who are suffering from this sexual dysfunction. This is the recent statement of the Journal of Medical Association of America.

Female sexual dysfunction is said to be much more complex than the sexual dysfunction which a man can face. They say it is an amalgamation of many factors and it makes it quite complicated to treat. The factors that may promote the risk of female sexual dysfunction can be classified into three main titles, which are: physiological, psychological and behavioral.

1. The physiological factors may consist of factors like, sudden gain of weight, pregnancy and post pregnancy issues. Post pregnancy issues can lay great affect on the sexual activities like in the case of breastfeeding. When a woman is breastfeeding her child, in these days, the prolactin is produced in an abnormal amount in her body. This prolactin increases the resistance in the lubrication in vaginal tissues.

2. Psychological issues also increase the risk of sexual dysfunction, some issues may include, depression, past sexual trauma and fatigue.

3. Behavioral issues may include the use and abuse of drugs or alcohol, stress, relationship and family problems and low fat diet.

So, one may easily grasp the point here that female sexual dysfunction is very complicated to deal with. So far scientists are unsuccessful in finding out for women but the female enhancement industry has not disappointed the people. The female enhancement industry has come up with brilliant products that can help women in this cause. But with great variety comes the great risks and you do not know which female orgasm enhancement supplement to choose. Mainly there are two kinds of supplements in the market. One in the synthetically made supplement and the other is an herbal female orgasm enhancement supplement.

In order to make the best choice you need to compare both types of supplements:

1. Synthetically made female orgasm enhancement supplement can be both prescription based or over the counter, whatever it may be, it always carries some risk.

2. Herbal female orgasm enhancement supplement does not bind itself on prescription and can easily be purchased over the counter as it contains no harmful side effects.

3. Synthetically made female orgasm enhancement supplement only do specific jobs like lubricating vaginal tissues whereas herbal supplements are beneficial in many ways and is a key to health for women.

Now one may easily compare between the two types of female orgasm enhancement supplements available in the market and choose the one which seems to be perfect.