Emergency Room Insurance – ER Supplement Price and Benefit Guide

Estimates from industries leading emergency room insurance supplements:

– $10,000 Family Plan: $47.00 US dollars per month. (price includes everyone)
– $7,500 Family Plan: $41.00 US dollars per month.
– $5,000 Family Plan: $35.00 US dollars per month.
– $10,000 Individual Plan: $36.00 US dollars per month.
– $7,500 Individual Plan: $29.00 US dollars per month.
– $5,000 Individual Plan: $24.00 US dollars per month.

ER supplement plan provider network:

Any licensed doctor, hospital, emergency room, urgent quick care facility, or medical clinic.

How emergency room insurance supplements work:

Accident coverage for the ER has no health questions when applying online and automatic acceptance is up to age 70. Plans are not insurance, rather an association based indemnity policy. Indemnity insurance plans pay the insured in lump sum payments up to a predetermined policy face value amount. Payments can either be paid to the insured directly, or the hospital and doctor who treated the injury. Policies only cover accidental bodily injuries and not sickness. As you’ll notice in the quotes above, available benefit levels (policy face value) available are $2,500, $5,000, $7,500, and $10,000. Price for family plans include everyone, meaning a 12 person family pays the same monthly dues as a 3 person family.

Emergency room coverage pays for expenses billed by a hospital or doctor used for injury treatment, up to the benefit level selected ($2,500, $5,000, $7,500, $10,000), less a $100 dollar deductible. Deductible is the actual out of pocket expense you’ll have before accident plan pays. Plan will pay up to the max benefit per accident or per injury. Indemnity benefits reset and every accident is treated as a separate event subject to new benefits and another $100 deductible.

Emergency room insurance plan explanation of benefits (EOB):

-Emergency Room (bodily injury visits; not sickness)
-Physicians / Doctors / Surgeon fees for surgery (inpatient and outpatient).
-General nursing care and hospital room and board
-Doctors visits (in or outpatient)
-Hospital miscellaneous expense during confinement, outpatient surgery, operating room expense, lab tests.
-Dental treatment for injured sound natural teeth.
-Nurse expense
-Prescription Drugs
-Crutches, splints, casts.

ER Supplement Fine Print and Exclusions:

Accident policy must be in force prior to a covered injury. Kids sport league injuries are covered on some plans including high school sports injuries. Children can stay on family plan until age 26. Professional and College Level Athletics are not covered on this style injury plan. Covered charges are only payable for injuries that the insured seeks the initial treatment within 12 weeks of injury. Member has one year since date of initial injury to get treated and be covered on plan. Policy covers accident medical expenses incurred while outside the United States for up to 60 consecutive days.