Dream Interpretation – What Does an Empty Swimming Pool Mean?

Many people see an empty swimming pool in their dreams. This dream scene represents maturity. It indicates that the dreamer finally understood something very important and stopped being superficial.

How could I come to such conclusion?

I continued Carl Jung’s research in the unknown region of the human psyche through dream interpretation. I learned how to translate the meaning of dreams better than him. Later, I simplified his method of dream interpretation. Therefore, I can directly tell you the meaning of any dream scene.

You will see an empty swimming pool after discovering that you are in great danger and you have to protect yourself. Or, after understanding that you were totally wrong for believing in something unreal. The lessons you have when you see an empty swimming pool in a dream are quite bitter. However, the absence of water in the swimming pool indicates maturity and wisdom. Now you’ll stop repeating the same mistakes, and change your attitude.

Water in dreams has two different meanings depending on the quantity. When you see only a few drops of water in a dream, water represents forgiveness. It is the liquid that purifies the soul. A few drops of water represent salvation from craziness and despair due to compassion and forgiveness.

When you see too much water in a dream (like a flood) this means that you are being superficial and materialistic. You don’t believe that there is a spiritual reality and you should care about your spiritual transformation. You think that nothing is more important than your daily routine. Or, you have lost your faith. You don’t believe in salvation.

Thus, when you see an empty swimming pool in a dream, you see that there is no water in a place where water should be abundant. Water in this case represents superficiality. The absence of water means that you stopped being superficial and you finally understood something that you didn’t want to understand.

A swimming pool full of water in a dream represents a study based on limited aspects of reality that don’t correspond to the entire truth. In other words, when you are swimming in a swimming pool full of water in a dream, this means that you are analyzing your problems without taking into consideration many key factors. Your vision is too limited.

You would discover the truth about your reality only if you were swimming in the sea, or in a river. If you are swimming in a swimming pool full of water in a dream, this means that you believe in illusions.

An empty swimming pool represents the bitter comprehension that you were too far from the truth before seriously analyzing your reality. Or, that you were acting like a child because you couldn’t understand God’s wisdom. This comprehension will save your life, and help you evolve.

Many people dream of an empty swimming pool after interpreting the meaning of a dream collection. This happens because they now understand their false impressions thanks to the enlightening unconscious lessons in their dreams.