Dirty Psychological Tricks to Win Back Your Ex! These Tricks Might Be Dirty But Are Damn Effective

As nice as it would be to call up your ex and suggest giving your relationship another shot, this hardly ever actually works. Therefore, if you really want your ex back in your life it may be time to pull out the top ten dirty psychological tricks to win back your ex.

Hey, that’s why the old adage goes: “It’s all fair in love and war!”

Give it time

Likely when you broke up with your ex, they said it was because they needed space or wanted a “break.” However, most people do not actually expect you to completely disappear, so follow their words and drop out of their life! You may be amazed to see them start to make the first move because they now realize how empty their world is without you!

Avoid every kind of contact- this includes texts, IMs, and phone calls

In the digital age, it is harder to disappear out of sight from an ex then it was before. Due to easy impersonal forms of communication it may be very tempting to simply drop a line or say hello, but you cannot do this either! Remember, space means space! If they need a break by all means let them have it!

Keep in touch with family

The one set of opinions that most people end up listening too, even if they think they are not, is their family’s advice. So make sure the family still mentions you from time to time and you will find you are always on your ex’s mind as they second guess their decision!

Stay positive

Your ex is expecting to hear you trash talk them, but only speak positively about them and they are going to get confused. After enough confusion they are going to wander why they left such a great person in the first place!

Use mutual friends

Mutual friends will be the one to tell your ex how you feel, so make sure you look good! Therefore, when you are around your mutual friends you should make an effort to stay light, well dressed, and not harp on the breakup. Treat them as if they were your ex and make sure you give off only the best vibes.

Look presentable

Eventually you will cross paths with your ex again, and when you do make sure you make an impression. They were attracted to you once, so make sure they see the person they fell in love with and not the more relaxed person you became as the relationship got comfortable.

Keep on trucking

It can be easy to lose your lease on life a bit after a breakup, but instead of throwing in the towel keep a smile on your face. Keeping up with all aspects of your life makes you look well-rounded and shows you are capable of functioning on your own which is much more attractive than failure!


When all else fails, jealousy always works! Showing your ex that you are attractive to others will always make you more attractive to them! After all, we all want what we cannot have!

Practice nonchalance

If you do run into your ex, or find it unavoidable that you will end up together at social functions stay nonchalant around your ex. They likely expect a basket case, but if you pretend that your relationship never existed they will be more bothered by the fact that they did not have an impact on you! In order to boost their own hurt egos they will be back sniffing around for clues!


Even with all the dirty psychological tricks to win your ex back you will not win overnight. Be patient and confident that each trick is drawing them closer to you. The reward for your patience is that after some time you will get what you want, and without sacrificing your dignity to do so!