Can Women Build Muscle Like Men? How to Get the Slim Feminine Look

Generally in the gym women avoid lifting weights for fear of becoming too muscled. But are they right? Can women build muscle like men and if they can, then what is the route to achieving the kind of slim toned body that you really want?

The truth is yes and no

Men have 20 times more testosterone than women. This is the hormone that puts hairs on the chest, fire in the belly and a glint in the eye for the fellas, and its responsible for the upper body strength and lower body fat levels of males.

The hulked up bodybuilder type women you see are dosed up on artificial testosterone (as if you hadn’t already guessed) and probably more manly than most men. So the good news is that in that respect as a woman who is not injecting growth enhancing drugs you are safe from this.

But there is still a danger
The problem is that most of the advice on fitness for men and women is simply watered down from what big and bulky bodybuilders do to get their specific look. Though many of these ideas should stay specific to them they end up passed on to the rest of us.

Women can definitely end up with a more masculine look if they follow this bodybuilder approach
So a woman is never going to end up the size of a man without some serious chemical help. But……….there is definitely such a thing as too muscled. See for most women the idea of being ripped and muscular is just not cool. Even if they aren’t the size of a man, few ladies want the look of a mini bodybuilder.

Most women want to look good at the beach or in a little black dress so if that’s you, you are definitely not alone. It’s just taking mainstream fitness a little while to catch up with you.

The best routine is one that takes into account your goals
Don’t be shoehorned by the fitness media into thinking the only way to get in shape is to follow ripped role models, for a look you don’t even want in the first place. No wonder so many people are put off working out! Fitness should fit you, and the good news is that it can. You just have to know how to shut out the noise and workout the right way for an attractive feminine body.

Use the right fitness tips and techniques and you’ll be on the path to the body you really want. The problem won’t be too much muscle, but it might just be too much attention!