Building Muscle With No Weights – 5 Exercises To Get You Bulked Up Fast

Most men and women want to have fit bodies. Why? It is only natural that most of us believe that fitness is not only attractive to look at, but that it also puts us in the position to be more physically able and to remain healthier while living longer.

In simplistic terms, fitness due to exercise comes in two forms: strong muscles and a fit cardiovascular system.

But beyond just simple fitness, there are some men and women who really want to blast their muscles, building them up to where they are more than just fit and tone. These folks want their bodies to be impressive by showing off a lot of muscle bulk.

Of course, in order to get that way, working out at the gym can get expensive. And, it can also be very time-consuming. After all, just driving to and from the gym 5 days per week could take 1-3 hours of time out of your day (depending upon how far it is from you). Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to save yourself that wasted time by working out at home – without even owning a weight set – and still find ways to bulk up? The good news is that doing so is very much within your means.

If you are interested in building muscle with no weights, here are 5 exercises to get you bulked up fast at home:

1. Triceps blast #1 – do dips for bigger arms:

Let’s start your exercise routines by really working the back of your arms, or the triceps. Put two solid, sturdy wooden chairs together, facing each other. Sit on the floor in between them, placing one of your palms on each chair. Now, look straight ahead while pushing yourself upward on the chairs until your arms are completely extended. The closer your chairs are together, the more your triceps get built up fast. Repeat 10-15 times.

2. Triceps blast #2 – do handstand push-ups:

Here is another good one: handstand push-ups. To get the image in your mind, imagine a handstand – whereby you are standing upside-down while supported by your hands. Now, imagine that same thing, but while raising your body upward and downward using only your arms. You can put your feet against the wall in order to stay sturdy. Do 5 to 10 reps, then rest between sets.

Hint: if you cannot do a full handstand push-up yet, that’s okay: just do a handstand but lower yourself down just part way. Repeat until your arms get strong enough to do a full handstand push-up. Get ready – along with #1 above, these will BLAST your triceps.

3. To build your back muscles and lats, try pull-ups:

Bulked-up guys and gals have very strong backs. How can you build these muscles at home with no use of weights? Do pull-ups (a.k.a., chin-ups). If you can, install a pull-up bar at your home – they fit great within doorways. If you do not have one at the moment, go to a local park that has a horizontal bar you can use. Do pull-ups with your palms facing away from you, as this will really bulk up your back muscles in a big way.

Hint: if you are not strong enough yet to do a pull-up, try negative pull-ups, whereby you use a box or stool to get yourself to the start position. Then, lower yourself down slowly to where you are hanging. Repeat. Soon, you will be strong enough to do pull-ups on your own.

4. For your brachialis, do close-grip pull-ups:

Just between your triceps and biceps is the brachialis muscle. It is designed to flex the elbow joint, and it works in tandem with the biceps. Guys and gals with bulked-up brachialis muscles have that finishing touch that makes their arms really look smoking-good.

To work this important muscle group, try doing close-grip pull-ups. Do them in a way that is similar to doing the pull-ups described in #3 above. However, keep your hands only 4-to-8 inches apart in this case.

5. Build trapezius muscles and forearms with the farmer’s walk:

The trapezius muscle runs along parts of your back and neck. Its job in life is to support the scapulae and the arm. A nice-looking, bulked-up set of trapezius muscles (sometimes called “traps” by weightlifters) really rounds out a bulked-up frame.

To build yours up, try doing the farmer’s walk. Dumbbells are ideal for this exercise, but if you do not have any, you can use big buckets of sand or water instead. Find weights to use (either store-bought or makeshift) that equal your body weight. So, if you weigh 200 lbs., get yourself two, 100-lb. weights.

Now, pick them up and walk 500 to 1,000 feet. If you cannot walk them the whole way, it is okay to stop and take breaks. But, be sure to finish by going the entire distance. What a great workout for your forearms and trapezius muscles!

Try these 5 tips for building muscle with no weights. And remember to keep a workout log for yourself. Track everything you do, how much weight you are using, and how many sets and reps you are doing. Only by tracking yourself can you tell how much progress you are making!