Body Building Supplementation – Can Creatine Cause Anger?

There are several forms of creatine on the market today. As a supplement this is used by athletes (very commonly by bodybuilders) to enhance energy levels and build muscle mass. For the most part the average person doesn’t need excess creatine as it is a naturally occurring derivative of amino acids and can be found in red meat. Body builder’s needs are different and they will use this as an adjunct to their workouts. A concern among users is this – can creatine cause anger? This article will discuss the answer.

There are common side effects reported by users of creatine. Among them mood swings, anger and increased aggression are common.

One explanation as to why anger and aggressive behavior is seen when taking creatine is that testosterone levels can increase during cycling phases of the supplement. Testosterone has been known to increase aggression in both men and women. It has been reported by some user that their feelings of anger had ceased when they stopped taking creatine, then returned again when they were back on it.

One study suggests that the feelings of increased anger, aggression and depression among users of creatine is dehydration. Most people will not drink enough water while taking the supplement although they are advised to increase their water intake. These negative feelings are also enhanced if the user already suffers from depression. The same study suggests that these moods can be controlled if creatine is used as recommended, three to five mg a day for three weeks, then three grams two to four times a week. You should also take a break from the supplement for one week after you complete a cycle.

Can creatine cause anger? Their is a risk of this as well as other side effects. Body builders continue to take the supplement as they feel its benefits outweigh the negatives.