Body Building Diet – Explaining Ideal Diet For A Body Builder

When one thinks of body building, one must not limit their horizons to extensive work out and exercise alone. Diet, one of the most basal components, should not be ignored at any cost as it complements the process to achieve optimum potential. Apart from providing the daily need for calories it supplements the body with the essential nutrients and vitamins.

Carbohydrates predicated to be an indispensable part of the diet, especially for body builders are found abundant in breads, pastas, beans, potatoes, bran, rice and cereals.Carbohydrates contain 4kilocalories per gram and are the storehouse of energy for the body. Hence complex carbohydrates via starches and fiber are a big yes.

Next comes Protein which is vital for building tissues and muscles in the human body. Physical activity and exertion as well as enhanced muscular mass increase your need for protein. Proteins like carbohydrates contain 4 kilocalories per gram.Proteins can be obtained from varied sources which include meats, eggs, grains, legumes, and dairy products such as milk and cheese.Body builders may require up to almost one and half gram of protein per day, say like 6 kilocalories.

The general misconception people have is that Fat is bad. They fail to realise is that there are different categories of fat,some of which is necessary for the proper functioning of the body. The functions of fat include- fat in the body is converted to glucose to release energy, serve as a buffer against diseases and also promote healthy cell functioning.

Thereby making the right choices like unsaturated fats (olive oil,flaxseed oil, etc) over saturated fats(cocoa butter, palm oil, etc.) can play a major role. One must be aware that saturated fats lead to diseases like the coronary heart disease. For the layman, one can distinguish physically between the two, by noticing that unsaturated fat is found in liquid state and saturated fats in solid state at room temperature.

One must also take in large amount of vegetables and fruits as a part of their diet for body building. Various vitamins and nutrients which are mandatory for the proper functioning of the body are found in vegetables. On the other hand sugars and roughage are aplenty in fruits. They also play a role in retaining water.

Finally adequate roughage or fibre in the diet contributes in many ways like providing satiety in the diet,improving bowel movement and is a good source of vitamins and minerals. Apart from that it helps reduce weight too. Avoid peeling off the skin of fruits and vegetables, eating lot of green leafy vegetables are good sources of dietary fibre.

A explemperary body building diet incorporates all the components and ensures it is balanced and high in nutrients. One must make sure that there are about five to six small meals dispersed through the day instead of three big ones which large intakes of protein and carbohydrates in the morning. One must never skip the breakfast ,the most essential meal of the day. When one knows the key for body building is good diet,nothing must stop you from going for it!