Body Builders Usually Have Small Testicles and Most Are Sterile

When you look at the huge muscle-mass of body-builders, before you entertain any thoughts or feelings of envy you should remember that almost certainly these guys are sterile and that their testicles are tiny in comparison to their rippling muscles. Because these men do take steroid hormones to get the testosterone levels to be what will build up the muscle-bulk, they have caused their bodies to stop all production of testosterone. That is, their testicles no longer are used to make sperm or testosterone as the brain seeks out ways to reduce the sudden flood of synthetic drugs in their body. They may have strong-looking bodies, and they may have outward signs of aggressive masculinity, but in every real sense they are no longer men in that they cannot have children and they have smaller testicles than even the most puny of men. How any self-respecting man give up his fertility and testicle size in favor of having huge muscles is something I will never understand – other than knowing that they have very low self-esteem and ego problems.

Certainly none of these men are known for the intellect and most struggle to string a few words together into a coherent sentence. Perhaps there is a direct relationship between muscle-size and low their intelligence quotient because a much smarter and healthy way to grow muscle is to boost their body’s own production levels of testosterone by adding diet supplements that kick-start testosterone production. While many of the professional body-builders do have extra high protein diets, they often fail to realize that it is cholesterol from which testosterone is made, and that it is cholesterol they need to increase in their diets more than just protein for protein sake.

Nothing will reduce the need to do high-stress weights training that makes the muscles burn in the bulking up of muscle production and testosterone production.