Bacopa Monnieri – A Natural Health Food Anti-Ageing Supplement

All of us hear about or use the alternative medicine methods of treatment. There are many types using different mechanisms. Herbs occupy a great position on the top of the list of the alternative medicines. Bacopa monnieri is one of is the commonest herbs used.

The Ayurvedic Medicine

India is one of the most famous countries using these alternative medicines. One of these is the Ayurvedic medicine which uses the herbs and the animal products in their treatment. Many studies have been carried out to study the effect of the herbs on systems and diseases. They also they do genetic studies, and India has a unique position in plant genetic studies in the world.

What is Bacopa Monnieri?

This is a prostrate herb belonging to the family Scrophulariaceae. It is creeping and diffusively branched plant, consisting of leaves and flowers; the leaves are small, succulent, and thick, they are light green and arranged in opposite way to each other on the stem. The flowers are small, white in color, striped with pink and blue, with about four to five petals. The plant is a very adaptive plant. It is considered as an aquarium plant and has the ability to grow in water. It is also known as Brahmi, or water hyssop.

Where does the Bacopa Monnieri grow?

The most famous countries where bacopa monnieri grows are India, Taiwan, Vietnam, China, and Sri Lanka.

The Importance of the Bacopa Monnieri

Bacopa monnieri herbs have been used for centuries in India as a method of the alternative medicine. It also used in modern day medicine. Bacopa monnieri can be used alone or in complex of other herbs. They use it to promote longevity; it is used as a brain tonic and a cardio(heart) tonic as they enhance the memory and the cognition function of the brain. The bacopa herb is used by children to enhance the learning ability, and by the adults to increase the cognition function, and also by the old to decrease the memory loss. It is also used as sedative and anti-epileptic drug. It also improves the respiratory functions so is used in the asthma and bronchitis treatments; the plant is reported to be effective in the treatment of the inflammation, ulcers, various skin diseases, psoriasis, leprosy, and it is prescribed for the snake bites. It has a laxative mechanism so can be used for constipation.

One of its components is revered to be anti-cancer qualities. The studies have also shown the antioxidant effect of the bacopa monnieri herb.

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