Asics Running Shoes Technology – Adaptation at Its Best

If you are even remotely interested in running you may have noticed the space age technology Asics has been equipping their shoes with. Asics has done an amazing job in creating shoes that not only look futuristic but also perform to the highest degree.

Sometimes you may think that all this high tech mumbo-jumbo means nothing. But in reality an unimaginable amount of research has gone into each pair of Asics shoes you wear. Below is a brief summary on the technologies present in the latest Asics running shoes.

Adaptive Running Shoes

Asics has started to brand their shoes as Adaptive Running Shoes. It basically means that the shoe adapts to the needs of each individual runner. Imagine a pair of shoes that react in real time to provide the needs of the runner precisely when he needs it.

Asymmetrical Lacing Design

Gone are the traditional laces on shoes. Asics has introduced Asymmetrical Lacing on their shoes. It prevents the laces into biting too hard into your feet. It actually conforms to the bone architecture of your foot. This provides each Asics running shoe with a better and more comfortable fit.

Spacemaster and Cuprothermo Mesh

Both this materials form the mesh of the forefoot of an Asics shoe. The mesh or tongue of the shoe (made of Spacemaster material) is actually able to eliminate the formation of blisters. Cuprothermo is technology that is able to warm up the foot in cold temperatures and keep it cool during the warmer days. These space age materials keep the foot of a runner in good shape no matter what condition.

Heel Clutching System

This external system of light but stable material embraces the heel of runner’s foot. It is revolutionary in its lightweight properties. And it also helps prevent blisters at the heel area.

Discrete Heel Unit

Some Asics running shoes actually have three entirely separate heel units. These heel units are positioned strategically for superior support. Also their separation allows a greater flexibility on each foot strike. This causes the shoe to deform differently to each runner’s unique gait.

Propulsion Trusstic

This system is deployed on the entire length of the midsole. The complicated and multi-material system aims to replicate the way the foot is able to store and release energy.

The new Asics Running Shoes are focused on technologies which allow the shoe to adapt to each runner. From the actual field tests of this high-tech shoes Asics has succeeded in their goal. It is amazing how much research and development shoe companies like Asics put on their running shoes. Shoes will only get better and with technologies like what Asics has assembled the future is bright for all running enthusiasts.