Anger Management Self Help – 3 Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

As you continue through your anger management self help journey, you are bound to have questions that may come up. Most of these questions are ones that have been asked by others before. Keep reading and you will learn the answers to these questions before you pull your hair out because of frustration.

Question 1 – Do I have to forgive others to move on?

Forgiveness is one of the most important parts of anger management, if you cannot forgive you will not be able to control your anger and steer it in a productive manner. Try holding a ceremony or make a significant moment out of forgiving others and you will be able to have a huge weight lifted off of your shoulders.

Question 2 – Should I figure out my triggers and avoid them?

I can speak from experience on this one and the definite answer is yes. While this is not always possible minimizing your exposure to triggers can keep you from having unnecessary outbursts of rage. These outbursts are usually not caused by the trigger itself, but because you are harboring some deep down anger from something that happened in your past. Until you are able to forgive, you will definitely want to avoid your triggers and keep your outbursts to a minimum.

Question 3 – Do I always need to walk away when I get angry?

I do recommend walking away from a situation at first, but just because you are controlling your anger doesn’t mean you have to turn into a wuss. Learning to use your anger in a positive way to bring about good things in your life is what anger management is all about. If you feel the need to confront someone or something that has made you angry, walking away will allow you to get your game plan together so you can conduct yourself in a calm and collected manner.