All About Horizon Treadmills Ratings And Information On The T74 Horizon Series Treadmill

The Horizon company is the world’s fifth largest manufacturer of fitness equipment. Horizon designs a wide array of cardio strengthening fitness units including elliptical trainers, stationary exercise bikes, rowing machines, and treadmills. Horizon’s treadmills are manufactured for home and gym use. The line of Horizon Treadmills includes the Omega, Quantum, and the Paragon models. Each piece of Horizon fitness equipment is subjected to a rigorous testing phase-a fact that company prides on improving Horizon Treadmills’ ratings.

Horizon Treadmills can be used for activities including walking, running, and jogging. And the fold able low frame makes treadmills from Horizon suitable for use in rooms with low ceiling construction.

Horizon Treadmills’ ratings boasts of the line’s solid construction and secure-footing for running. Horizon’s treadmills feature include many of the components available in sports and health clubs, like strong motors, solid design, and advanced feedback.

Types of Horizon Treadmills

The T74 Horizon Series Treadmill is characterized by features like the Drive System, Electronics/Console, and a Suspension and Lift System.

The Drive System provides power for the belt of the treadmill. The technology included in the Drive System is the fastest on the market for controlling a treadmill

The T74’s Electronics and Console System provides the machine with the ability to display speed and heart rate statistics. Incline keys are also supported by this system.

The Suspension System of the Horizon T74 Treadmill many of the unit’s main features, including the system cushioning to absorb shock while the unit is in use, the treadmill belt, and the rollers used to move the belt.

The Lift System raises and lowers the deck of the treadmill to make storage easier. The Horizon T74 Treadmill is completed with wheels to make moving the unit easier.

The Horizon T74 Treadmill features eight workout programs, and a telematic heart rate receiver. The model offers a fifteen year warranty.

The Horizon T73 Treadmill, with a twelve year warranty, sports on-demand speed and incline adjustments, as well as a three zone-cushioning system. The unit also offers users eight workout programs.

Horizon Treadmills’ T72 model is revered for it’s self-proclaimed “demand control.” The treadmill, designed for commercial use, comes with six workout regimens and a ten year warranty.

The T71 model serves as Horizon’s resident “entry-level” treadmill. Featuring a silent motor, the T71 sports health club designed frame and a console designed for walking with ease.

The T73 and T74 models are the best suited Horizon machines for frequent use. The units feature durable construction and motors. These models were designed to cater to a broader range of fitness activities. Other Horizon treadmill models include the WT951, and the WT751.