Acai Berry Supplements – The Proven Health Benefits

There are massive amounts of claims being made about the sort of health benefits that the Acai berris can provide when included as part of a daily diet. But with so many claims coming direct from the supplement manufacturers is can be hard to know what to believe and what is just over hype designed to sell more.

Thankfully there are a number of scientific inquiries ongoing as to the REAL health benefits of the Acai berries on humans. A number have also been completed, which gives us the first indications of what sort of improvement to your health you can expect when you use the supplements.

The proven health benefits of Acai berry supplements

– Weight loss through appetite suppression
– Increase in energy levels from fiber and protein content
– Cleansing of huge amounts of waste from the colon
– Improving the immune system with antioxidants
– Introducing much needed vitamins and nutrients into the body

Many other health claims are currently being investigated, with initial results being very positive. Such claims include

– Acai berries having a positive effect ion the destruction of cancer cells
– Helping deal with a low sex drive/impotence
– Improving eye sight
– Helping diabetic patients.
– Speeding up the bodies metabolism

It should be stressed that these claims are still at early stages of investigations, much more is needed before we can state anything conclusively – but initial testing does show there is a good chance they could live up to their claims.

The Acai berry certainly deserves its billing as a ‘super food’, it has a huge amount of proven health benefits that it can pass on.