A Solar Swimming Pool For Year Round Swimming Comfort

The cost of a heated indoor swimming pool is out of the budget for most people. For those who still want the comfort of year round swimming, a solar swimming pool may be a low cost answer.

A sun dome pool cover will create an indoor environment for your outdoor above ground or inground pool. The dome is a solar cover that is like a solar greenhouse for your pool. It can increase the warmth of the water by as much as 20 degrees and the air inside as much as 40 degrees.

If you live in an area with really cold winters the water may not stay warm enough to comfortably swim. But you will be able to greatly extend your swimming season. You will be able to start using your pool earlier in the spring and later in the fall. If you have mild winters with a lot of sun you may be able to use your pool all year. If it’s 40 or 50 degrees outside it could be 80 or 90 inside your dome.

Not only will the solar dome heat the pool, it will also help it stay warm. Wind on the surface of the pool can quickly cool the surface water. Your dome will shield the water and the swimmers inside from wind.

Some domes are made with a material that blocks UV rays that can be damaging and cause sunburns. But they still allow enough so you can get a tan. Imagine having a year round tan. Even if the water is too cold to swim in you can sit or lay out in the warm air in the dome on a sunny day.

The dome cover will help keep your pool clean and keep bugs, leaves and other debris out. This can save you time and money with less cleaning cost. Also less money spent in the tanning salons.

If you want the benefits of an indoor heated pool at an affordable cost you should look into a solar swimming pool dome.