3 Ways to Prevent Minoxidil From Dripping Onto Your Face or Neck

Many complain about the liquid Minoxidil running down into their face when they apply it; however, with good technique, this shouldn’t be a problem. Try out these various methods and see which one is best for you.

Technique #1: Drip and Dab
When using the liquid, apply tiny drops of liquid to the scalp area with one hand and rub them in as you go with the other. It is easiest to begin in areas where there is still some hair present, as the hair will help to stop the Minoxidil from running everywhere. Make sure to cover the entire area with Minoxidil. Only after you have covered the areas nearest the hair, use the remaining liquid on areas that are completely bald. Spread the Minoxidil over the scalp evenly with the hand you aren’t holding the applicator with or else the Minoxidil will drip down into your face or other areas of inconvenience. When finished, wash your hands immediately and gently wipe away any Minoxidil that may be in excess on the forehead.

Technique #2: Run and Rub
For this technique, define the two points in your bald patch which are the furthest from each other. For example, if I am medicating my crown, I am going to start at the point closest to the top and center of my head. At this point, place the Minoxidil dripper. With your index finger, make a barrier at the bottom part of your balding area. Now, Tilt your head forward or however you need so that the Minoxidil is stationary on your head at first, and when you are ready, tilt your head to let the Minoxidil run down your scalp over the bald or thinning area. When the liquid runs down, catch it with your index finger. You only want to let a little bit of Minoxidil run down at a time, so release just enough so that your finger can catch it without it running everywhere. Once you rub it in, you can continue to do this for the rest of the balding area and anywhere else on your scalp that you wish to medicate.

Technique #3: The Headband
This technique is executed just as it sounds. You wear either a headband or bandanna as you apply the Minoxidil to create a barrier that the Minoxidil cannot pass. This way, you can hold the applicator with one hand and rub the liquid in with the other without worrying about Minoxidil running absolutely everywhere. This is probably the hardest way to do it but also the most efficient. You’ll also probably want to wash the headband often to get rid of the Minoxidil it soaks up.