3 Reasons Why You Are Not Growing Taller Today

Every guy in their teenage years have shunned at the thought of remaining at their short height for the rest of their lives. Being short is definitely not something that you would enjoy especially if you are a guy, as it can really destroy your self-esteem and self-confidence for the rest of your life. So if you currently worrying over this problem and getting frustrated over it, fret not, as over the years I have managed to find out the main reasons why some people are not able to grow taller!

Reason Number One: Not getting enough sleep or rest

The body repairs and develops itself the most efficiently during the period from eleven P.M to two A.M. But if you are like me or any other teenager, you probably sleep only after midnight due to many reasons – work, stress, or just not used to it. This is not good for your health and body growth especially if you are looking towards growing taller, as you would have missed out the “golden” timing on when your body will develop itself the best.

Reason Number Two: Not getting enough exercise

Exercising is really important if you want to grow taller in a natural way, as exercising actually increases the production of growth hormones in your body. Exercising also helps to solve certain uncommon problems that comes along with short height, such as your body posture. Exercises like crunches and sit-ups can help to solve this body posture problems, and exercises such as running and jogging can also help you to have longer legs that indirectly helps you to grow taller too!

Reason Number Three: Not maintaining a well-balanced diet

You should think of your body like a machine that operates on fuel, and the fuel your body operates on is the things that you put inside it – which in this case, food. This is why you should try to avoid junk food as much as possible as it really does nothing to help you in your quest towards growing taller. Instead, you should turn towards looking for food that is rich in calcium and protein, to ensure that your body will be able to get the utmost nutrition that it needs in order for you to grow taller.

There really is no real secret or magic pill that can help you grow taller. The most natural and effective way on how you can grow taller is to solve the common yet overlooked problems that come along with short height, such as the lack of posture, slouching and short legs.