10 Tricks to Get Your Ex to Have a Change of Heart

Are you looking for a way to get your ex to come back to you after a break up? There are some tips and tricks you can use to get your ex to have a change of heart and return back into your open arms. Read below for ten common ways you should consider.

1. The first tip is just to let your ex think you are over the break up and moving on with your life with no problems. The idea is to remove the confidence in your ex because they think you can go on with your life without them.

2. If your ex is pinning the break up on you, agree with them. Take the heat for causing the break up whether it is true or not. This can take the steam out of them because they have nothing left to blame you for.

3. Try acting hot and cold towards your ex. At some times you can be friendly with them if need be and at other times come across as being aloof towards them. This technique will keep your ex guessing as to what your intentions are.

4. Maybe its time to change your looks. Get a haircut or new hair style. If you need to lose weight do so. Whatever it may be, do what you can to improve your looks which in turn will improve your outlook. This in turn will get your ex to wondering if they were holding you back from improving your life.

5. Don’t waste time getting back to living your life. Once your ex encounters you going about business as usual their ego will be bruised thinking they are no longer the center of your universe.

6. One way to get your ex to have doubt about the decisions they have made is to get their friends and family on your side. This will isolate them and force them to re-think their situation.

7. If you want to make your ex jealous try lightly flirting with someone in their presence. They will not take kindly to someone else being interested in you and want you even more.

8. Have control of your emotions. Do not let your ex pull any of these tricks on you, just ignore them. This will make their plan useless and put the power in your hands.

9. You can try to get a friend to go on a fake date with you. Doing so would make your ex jealous and have them trying to get you back.

10. Always be in a positive mood. Do not let your ex see you in a bad mood or looking down and out. You want to appear as if you are doing great and are happy with your situation.

The idea of using any or all of these tricks is to defend or reverse any strategy your ex may have, ultimately to get them back with you. Even if they have not thought of getting back with you these tips may get them thinking about you again.